Footwear with “modified” features offers many benefits. Whether it is stretching to improve the fit of a shoe, the implementation of a bubble patch to reduce pressure on a sensitive area, or the implementation of a lift to accommodate leg length discrepancies. These and other modifications can be made to improve your footwear. Visit our store and we will discuss your options with you. 

Improving Your Shoe

Pedorthic shoe modifications are more cost effective than creating custom shoes from scratch. Plus, shoe modifications by Certified Pedorthist have the advantage of using brand name footwear to ensure a contemporary look.

Shoe modifications:

  • Heel and sole elevations
  • Rocker soles
  • Heel wedging
  • Re-lasting of shoes
  • Velcro repair and additions
  • Lateral medial wedges
  • Stretching of shoes
  • Re-soling
  • Buttresses
  • Out flares