Q: Do I need an Appointment? 

A: Yes, we see patients by appointment, just like your Dr., so you can have individualized service. 

Q: How long will my appointment take? 

A: That depends on what you are being seen for. Most initial evaluations and deliveries can take up to an hour, so allow for that when making your Appointment. 

Q: Can someone else pick up my items for me? 

A: No, you must be present to be fit for your delivery. 

Q: How long does it take for my shoes if they are ordered for me? 

A: It can take between 2 and 3 weeks, with Custom Shoes allow 30+ days. 

Q: Do I need a prescription (Start Order)? 

A: Normally you will have been given a prescription from your ordering Dr, a DPM or even your PCP. That is how we evaluate you during your initial Appointment. If changes need to be made, we will request them from your prescribing Dr., when we request a detailed written order. If what you are receiving is going to be billed to Medicare or your Insurance, a prescription is always required. 

Q: Why do I need all this “paperwork” for my Diabetic Shoes? 

A: Medicare and most Insurances have made it mandatory that an MD or DO have seen you for your diabetes and can attest to your diabetic foot conditions. We are required by Medicare and Insurances to have these items on file to present to them. 

Q: Are Shoes and Orthotics (Foot Inserts for your shoes) covered? 

A: Unless you are diabetic, Foot Orthotics are not a covered item through Medicare and Most Insurances that follow Medicare guidelines. Shoes are covered as a Diabetic Shoe if you have the specified diabetic conditions, or as an Orthopedic shoe only if you have a metal leg brace that it is attached to. All other shoes and orthotics for the feet are selfpay items that we do provide to you at a cost which will be explained to you during your appointment. 

Q: What Insurances do you take? 

A: Please see the insurance List under patient information. 

Q: How long is the warranty on shoes? 

A: Please see the warranty & return policy section under patient Information 

Q: What are your hours of Business? 

A: We are open for Appointments Monday through Friday from 9am until 5pm, The last appointment is for 4pm. We are closed for Lunch from 12pm through 1pm, and we are not open weekends. Walk-ins are welcome